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Beatrice Giovaniello’s business career began with GLOO PEOPLE, a store in NYC’s East Village where she sold her clothing designs and reclaimed furniture. The acquisition of a truck to deliver furniture (and to move her band, The Gloo Girls’ equipment around), led to an all-women’s moving company, which became an international press sensation. Beatrice moved her operation to Soho and AMAZON MOVING AND SURPLUS was born.

Addressing the Client Needs

Beatrice Originally selected us to do a html recovery but seeing that it would be a pain to update by hand, opted to get the site restored into WordPress to look and Function like the original Version.The main site is backed by a customized WordPress CMS.

Web Design



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  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Project Type: Web Design + Recovery
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Furniture
  • Launched: February 2017

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