• Solar Breeze

    Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

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The Solar-Breeze NX revolutionizes pool cleaning in a smart, simple and sustainable way.
Pools collect leaves, dust, pollen and other debris all day long. Debris typically floats for 3-4 hours before it decays and sinks to the bottom. By then, it has already produced the bacteria that feeds the growth of algae in your pool. So why wait for all that debris to sink?

Addressing the Client Needs

Solar Breeze Needed an upgrade from their old informational site to a Full Ecommerce site to Allow Preorders and Purchases for accessories. We reviewed multiple designs and came to a layout that best suited their needs. The Main site is Managed by a custom WordPress CMS, while their E-Commerce with Preorders is managed with WooCommerce.

Web Design





  • Location: Tempe, Arizona
  • Project Type: Web Design + E-Commerce
  • Platform: WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Industry: Home Improvement + Leisure
  • Launched: May 2016

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